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Victor Joseph Gatto

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Born NYC 1893, unmarried, died Miami, Florida, 1965.His first exhibit in NYC in 1943 gained him instant recognition. His work was exhibited by museums, bought by collectors, appeared on magazine covers while he and his art were widely covered by the media of the time. His entry in "The American Folk Art Encyclopedia of 20th Century American Folk Art and Artists has this to say: ..."Gatto was a painter whose colorful and often complex works of fantasy and personal insight established him as a major folk art figure...He was obsessed with (painting) once he started at the age of 48. Art gave him a means of letting out years of pent-up anger and feelings of repression.....Gatto's paintings are filled with vibrant color and complex detail...He worked slowly, spending a great deal of time on each piece."

For more information about Victor Joseph Gatto, search for "Gene Epstein" as well as "AskArt.

"Delaware Flood", oil/board, 12x16, 1955

25x30, oil/canvas, c1950

"Pygmies", 16x20, o/b, c1950

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