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Rex Clawson

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"The White Cat"
 the white cat
14x16", mixed media on paper, 2003, price $1800

Rex Clawson

Long thought to have died, Rex Clawson, born 1929 in Texas, is an artist whose work is unlike any other. As one reviewer wrote, "In every generation there are a number of painters who are bound by few of the traditions to which our eye has become accustomed. Rex Clawson is such an artist. (His) work...reveals an interesting, complex and unique turn of mind filled with personal references and iconography." In "Contemporary American Folk Art, A Collector's Guide," the authors write, "Social and political satire with sexual overtones permeates his colorful and stylistically bold paintings. Our investigation leads us to believe that Clawson is an extraordinary folk artist."

Many prominent galleries have exhibited Clawson's work, which can be found in museums and numerous private collections. At present he is represented by the Epstein/Powell Gallery. More information about Rex Clawson can be found on

"The Fertile Father and Family", 1982
14x17, encaustic o/b, artist-painted frame 19x22, price $3000

"Two on Horseback in Search of a New Religion"
14x17, marker on paper, 2004, price $1600

"Painted Horse" (SOLD)
20x20x6, oil on plastic, 2005

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