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Justin McCarthy

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"Polo", Justin McCarthy
18x30, oil on board, c1965

Justin McCarthy

Born 1892, Pennsylvania, died 1977, Tuscon Arizona, he became one of the great masters in American folk/outsider art. His entry in the Encyclopedia of American Folk Art reads, "The legend of Justin McCarthy--the recluse who lived in a decaying mansion in Weatherly, Pennsylvania and painted his way into the Museum of Modern Art--is a matter of history. He would paint anything that interested him--pretty girls, movie stars, high fashion, politicians, sporting events, personal heroes, flowers, vegetables, animals or historical events...He drew and painted on anything he had on hand--old file folders, cardboard, masonite or canvas...McCarthy is recognized as a major folk artist of his time, with a reputation that continues to grow."

For more information about Justin McCarthy, search for "Gene Epstein" as well as "AskArt".

"At Sea", Justin McCarthy
18x24", oil on board, c1962

Justin McCarthy, "Ice Capet"
"Ice Capet", 12x14, oil, 1962, signed, framed.
12x14, oil on masonite, 1962

"Mare and Colts" , Justin McCarthy
"Mare and Colts", 12x14,
12x14, ink/acrylic on cardboard, c1955

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