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"Nickelodeon", Victor Joseph Gatto
24x30", oil on canvas, c1942

There's a kind of art that has come to be known by many names--outsider, folk, self-taught, visionary, primitive and more. This is art created by people who did not set out to be artists but whose work, often in later life, was discovered to be as powerful as those who earlier in their lives had made art their career. The recognition and value of this art has been slow in coming, but "outsider" art has become firmly fixed in public consciousness and, as with mainstream artists, there is now an established market for this work.

Epstein/Powell has been a source of outsider art since 1979. As such, our name is to be found in many reference works, while selections from our gallery are now part of museum and private collections.

Our current roster of outsider artists includes:

Victor Joseph Gatto (estate)
Justin McCarthy
Rex Clawson(representing)
Max Romain
Old Ironsides Pry
Jesse Aaron
Mose Tolliver
Charlie Lucas
Lonnie Holley
Bill Roseman
Donovan Durham
and others.

Please note that our website is a work in progress. There will continue to be more pages with more art and more artists. In the meantime, we offer the following...

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